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2023 !mpact Award Recipient: Bruce & Merrilees

2023 !mpact Award Recipient: Bruce & Merrilees

Bruce & Merrilees celebrates its diamond anniversary in 2023. The nationally ranked electrical contractor opened its doors in 1948 in New Castle, PA. Now, 75 years later, B&M is still owned and operated by the Bruce family. The company headquarters remains in New Castle, with six additional offices throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia.


Bruce & Merrilees began as an electrical installation and appliance company. During the first generation of Bruce family leadership, B&M provided residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services throughout Western Pennsylvania. During the second generation, the company expanded its service territory and its offerings to include transportation and high voltage electrical services.


Now led by the third generation, Bruce & Merrilees’ service region stretches from

the Midwest through the Mid-Atlantic to the Southeastern United States.


“Most people think of us as an electrical contractor. I think of us as a company that does safe work first and electrical work thereafter,” said Jay H. Bruce,

President and CEO of Bruce & Merrilees. Jay is the grandson of the company’s founder, J. Howard Bruce.

“The safe, professional, innovative services we provide today are the same values that my grandfather began this company with in 1948. Safety resonates with our company and I’m proud of how our team embraces our culture of safety.”

The company is committed to working as one team.

“It all comes down to the people,” said Jonathan Bruce, Executive Vice President and COO. “We’re only as good as our team. The quality of our delivery is based on the quality of our team. It’s a people business.”

“You know, we can have great facilities, equipment, and trucks, but that doesn’t really make the difference. What makes the difference each and every day is the people.”

Justin Bruce, Executive Vice President and CMO, recognizes the uniqueness of a third-generation company led by three brothers who work well together.


“We each have our own talents and roles," said Justin. “We are extremely close, and all get along great. We do not compete with each other and are completely aligned from a business perspective. ”

Most of Bruce & Merrilees’ work is done outside of Lawrence County.

“This makes us look for opportunities regionally and reinforces our entrepreneurial spirit,” stated Jay.

Justin highlights the importance of adapting to changing business conditions.

“We need to be agile and adjust rapidly as conditions change, as well as be able to respond quickly to new opportunities.” he said.

All three brothers agree that the future is very bright for the company.

“We’re looking at a rapid growth in electrification and power needs for years and years to come, and we play in that space,” explained Jay.

“We love being headquartered in Lawrence County,” Jay continued. “We have great team members with strong skills, as well as excellent management talent. We’re very fortunate.”

“We all grew up here and are raising our families here,” said Jonathan. “The roots of our business originate with the quality of people in the area. And I’m bullish on our future.”

Bruce & Merrilees’ model of pursuing opportunity, overcoming challenges, and steady growth will propel it forward into the future.

“We’ve adapted to changing times for the first 75 years,” Jay said. “That’s going to continue forward for many years to come.”

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